The AC120/3 is a component that removes unwanted EMI/RFI frequencies in the Megahertz to Gigahertz range (RFI attenuation from 100khz upwards). It achieves this by stripping away the unwanted noise that piggybacks the ac sine wave in the 50-60 hertz range without disturbing it. When using the polarity switched outlet on tube rectification products like preamplifiers their soundstage and center image is greatly improved. (With solid state rectification you can experiment, but less of an effect has been noticed.) The initial filtering was a huge bonus for all equipment solid state and analog! All of the outlets are filtered individually creating a designated connection for each piece of equipment so there's no interference. Your equipment will allow the music to be full of life with better dynamics and more accurate tonality, you’ll get blacker backgrounds, more detailed info, with outstanding clarity than you’ve ever expected from your audio system!

This piece of equipment will enhance any stereo system from the most basic to the most advanced. (integrated amps, solid state amps, tube amps, headphone amps, solid state preamps, tube preamps) So, why use a power line conditioner which cost thousands more and uses transformers that compress the ac sine wave thus making your music lifeless. This product provides outlets for 3 items analog or digital and one has the ability to change polarity.

Unit size: 13”L x 10”W x 5”H
Weight: 8.5 lbs

*Power cord not included, It’s recommended to use a minimum of 12 gauge power cord with unit.

Warranty is 5 years parts and labor

They will be offered in Rosewood and Aluminum on ocassion you find other exotic woods.


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