3T12V Preamplifier

Here at Gudebrod Audio we specialize in making luxury hand-crafted high-end preamplifiers. This is a single ended stereo line level input preamplifier. The heart of this preamplifier we utilized a 274b rectifier also making it possible for you to roll tubes like a 5u4 or 5r4 rectifier. The signal tubes are also capable of being rolled for that one of kind sound. We're currently using Psvane 274b-t mark 2, 12au7 genalex gold lion and a pair of Phillips Jan 12at7wc’s. Paired with beatifuly crafted Lundhal chokes and output transformers it allows this preamplifier to sing!

The black walnut sides are standard, but we do offer other premium wood such as burled cherry .

Comes with 6’ 14ga. Power cord.

All preamplifier are run for 100 hrs. before being shipped. Warranty is 2 years parts and labor, tubes 90 days.

If local to the Illinois area we also offer in home demo's and installation at no additional charge.

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directly coupled on hand-crafted turret boards


high input impedance, low output impedance

auto channel balancing compensates for aging tubes

Ground lift switch at rear to assist in resolving grounding issues by floating the ground internally ab[I’ve mains ground.

frequency response: 20hz - 50khz
gain: 5x (15db) 

Harmonic distortion: <.05% in normal operation
Power Consumption: 17ma
Main Votlage: 120vac

Inputs: 3 single-ended

Outputs: 1 single-ended and 1 balanced (true 600 ohm load)

Dimensions: 19" x 15.25" x 4.75"
Weight:25 lbs